Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jia's Photo's Take 3

We sent this book to Jia while we were waiting to travel. 
The orphanage staff gave it back to us on Gotcha Day. 


Sharon said...

We just received your Valentines' Card for bailey! Thank you so much!!! You should have seen her so excited to open a letter of her own and the Dora stickers!!Her favorite!! That was so so kind of you.

I just love your beautiful blog and getting to see gorgeous little Jia. ( love that name!!) I am really glad to be in touch..I'll link you to my blog so that Bailey and i can pop over to visit often. God Bless!!

The Tucker Troops said...

Hi Joy!! I Love, Love the "Take 3 Picture" of Jia. She is a natural in front of the camera. Just precious!!

I hear you have A LOT of snow. We do too. It's actually sunny today and Lucey wore the sunglasses you gave her. She looked so cute and loved them. I took pictures and will send one soon.

We have been so out of it for the past two weeks. The crazy flu! We are on the mend.

Thinking of all of you!