Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jory turns 6

Jory's birthday was October 9th, but we had his party today, the 12th. Uncle Rob is a truck driver and gone all week, so we simply must have the party when he can be here! It's just not a party without him!
Jory invited a couple of friends over, Cole & Jake, and the rest is just family. He had a really good time though. Mom and dad came through with the RC dirtbike he wanted! Every morning while he's eating breakfast and watching TV he starts yelling... "MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!! Come here! I want this for my birthday!" Do you know how hard it is, once you hear your child screaming, stop what you're doing, get in the other room and see what's on TV before the commercial is over? It's like finding your cell phone in your purse before it stops ringing. Well, in my purse anyway! So one morning I finally made it in time and seen the RC dirtbike on TV! Lordy Lordy! It looked cool! So when Jack and I went to KC to see Fireproof opening night, we swung by ToysRUs and got one! Jory totally loved it!
Here's some pictures from the party! Enjoy....

Jory and his friends blowing out 6 candles!

Jory all smiles! Love that grin!

The R/C dirt bike he wanted so badly!

Jory, Jake and Cole playing with the dirtbike..

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