Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Day

All the Kindergarten classes got to dress up in their costumes today and parade through the school. I had to help Jory get into his and was able to get up stairs in time to get a couple of shots! Once again, every one just adored his costume!
You just don't see homemade costumes anymore!
Halloween night was wonderful! The weather was perfect for trick or treating. But Jacen thinks he's too old and went to a school dance. Jory had been invited to a Halloween sleep-over at his friend Jakes. We told Jake we'd come after trick or treating, but Jory was so excited he just wanted to get there! He didn't even want to trick or treat. Jake lives in a Cul-de-Sac, so after Jory got there, they just went to Jake's neighbors.
Jack and I didn't know what to do with ourselves! The first Halloween in a long time when the weather was great and none of our kids wanted to go trick or treating. So we went out for dinner! Long time since it had just been the 2 of us!
Here's Jory as a Bullrider!
This is Jory's teacher, Mrs. Shuler. She went by so fast, I barely got her picture!

This is my good friend Cindy. She's the PTO c0-president and is such a good mom! Cole is her son that Jory plays with... he's the pirate! ARGH!
We wen to my mom and dad's to trick or treat them and I made Jack pull over so I could get a picture of the moon! Very Halloweenish!

Once we all got home Halloween night, Jadeth and Jacen went to snap this shot of the 1st Baptist Church in Trenton. This is where Jory went to preschool. They thought the fog was neat looking. It's sort of eery!

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