Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Jory was a bull rider for Halloween! We made this same costume for Jacen when he was this age. It was such a big hit and got soooo many compliments, so Jory wanted one too! Our church did a live walk through of the 'miracles of Jesus' for Halloween. You went in groups and stopped at each station, watched their little skit then they gave the kids candy.
It was the neatest thing ever! We stood in line for almost an hour before we got to go through! So many kids attended and got to hear about Jesus! I only have a few pics of the night...

This is Jesus at the well with the Samartin woman.

This is our friend Thomas, playing the part of Jesus and he's telling the kids about Lazarus. All of a sudden, Thomas yells "Lazarus COME FORTH.....!!!"
And Lazarus comes out from the door behind us getting quite a fews gasps and squeals!

This is near the end... seeing the empty tomb.

And finally, "Well done my good and faithful servant!"
What joy it will be to hear those words some day!

This is Jory on the way home! Totally pooped! Jacen went, but he's 'too big' for trick or treating. He and some friends played on the playground. Whups... I mean 'hung out' on the playground, they would never 'play'! Sheesh!

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