Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Homestudy Update and Miss Emily

Today Jack and I had to meet with our CHI SW to udate our homestudy. Our immigration paperwork is set to expire the end of this month and we must submit a homestudy update to renew it. Anyhoo, we have the BEST SW ever. I mean EVER! We totally love Nikki and trust her completely to help us complete our adoption. She totally rocks!

After meeting Nikki, we went to OP to see my Aunt and Uncle. Aunt Mary and I went to have lunch with Emily at her school. Emily's mom and I were unseperable during our childhood. Even though they lived in OP, and we lived 2 hours North, we were always talking, writing letters, sending cassette tapes of us talking to one another (am I aging my self?) and spending weeks together in the summer. I never dreamed that almost 2 years would have gone by with out seeing Amy. It's sad how busy we are these days and how we simply don't make the time to enjoy our family. I never thought that our kids wouldn't be as close as Amy and I were. But, I was wrong. Anyway, here's a picture of me with Miss Emily!

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