Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dept of Homeland Security and Jadeth

Wow! Jack and I had the rare occasion to travel to KC.... ALONE! We had to update our immigration paperwork and fingerprints for our adoption. The last time we were alone was 18 months ago when we originally did our fingerprints and paperwork! So here's a funny story, sort of 'redneck' if you will, but here goes. Okay, so we have to go to the Dept. of Homeland Security to be fingerprinted and file and extension of our paperwork. We did this originally in October of 2006 and I vividly remember taking my cell phone in with me. So I didn't bother removing it from my purse this time. So we're going through security, 3 guards, the little xray thingy and metal detector. I had to take my phone out and since I now have a phone with a camera, I couldn't take it in. So my lovely husband took it out to our car while I went on in.

So he comes back in and begins to go through security and guess what it on my keychain? A pocket knife. It's a cute little pink one that I asked for for Christmas. You know when you let your kids get a toy at the store and then you can't get it open until you get home? Well, I was tired of that. I should've just stopped buying toys, but instead I asked for a handy dandy pocket knife to keep on my key chain. Jack, of course never drives my car and thought NOTHING about it. The main guard was really nice and remembered us from last time. He said, "I'm going to pretend I didn't see that." So Jack had to take my knife back to the car. Another guard standing there was a pompous jerk that was entirely too mouthy. If I wasn't afraid he could pull rank on me and keep me from getting my paper work renewed, I would have let him have it. So anyway, poor Jack eventually clears security and I was laughing so hard. I said "I can't believe you tried to bring a pocket knife into the Dept. of Homeland Security!" He didn't laugh.

Now Jack and I should be good for another 18 months with our paperwork. If we have to go back again for another renewal, I might just be in a foul enough mood to stomp on the jerk guards toes!
Now, today Jadeth is 17! Happy Birthday Jadeth!

His... JMS

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