Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is Jack and mine's 15th Anniversary! 2 years ago, for our anniversary we decided to for go gifts to one another and pay the application fee to CHI. Now, we're in the process of updating expired paperwork and still waiting....
Cool thing today though... a few weeks ago I found some really cool 'red thread' bracelets here. I ordered 2, one for me and one to give my mom for mothers day. I sorta forgot all about them, but they showed up today! I was going to wait until Mothers Day to wear mine, but I thought today was very appropriate! Exactly 2 years since we started this process, our 15th anniversary... Hmmmm...... The bracelets were very nice and they came in the cutest ever Asian fabric little draw string bag! Can't wait to give my mom hers!
Now - about our anniversary! God truly blessed me when he put Jack and I together. No one else would put up with me I"m sure! He really adores me and would do anything to make me happy! The last few years since we've both accepted Jesus have been most wonderful! I'm happy making a life and family with him and look forward to many more years together!
His.... -Joy

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