Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lots going on...

Today Jack and I met with our social worker at our agency. We needed a homestudy update in order to renew our immigration paperwork. Nikki was so fun to work with. We had a great visit. After our meeting, Jack and I went to visit with my Uncle Denny and Aunt Mary who are up from South Missouri. My cousin John and his wife Paula just had a baby girl Monday, so we got to see baby Avery when she first arrived home from the hospital.

Jadeth escorted Isabella Sgarbi to prom April 26th and Jory had his preschool graduation May 4th. So I"ll include some photo's for you.

Jory and Jacen have started baseball. Jory is in his first year of T-ball and Jacen is in Little League and will be traveling this year. Jadeth is coaching soccer this spring and still working. Jack will start racing very soon also. I have a couple of cakes to make in the next week and we are adding a 6x24 porch to the front of our house... So things will be very busy! No time to dwell on China and how longgggggg the adoption is taking!

His -Joy

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