Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quite a Week!

This has been a heck of a week! The weather has fluctuated between 20's (brrr) and mid 50's! My boys are so confused! Yesterday I drove out of town to get the picture of the awewome sunset and it was such a beautiful day, but today it's cold and snowing/raining. YUCK!
Some of the week has been really hard. I had some dental work done last week and it's still very sore. Jadeth had to have a tooth pulled and will need a bridge this summer. So we're adding up some major dental expenses. The mix between warm weather and slushy rain has made everything a muddy mess. The inside of my car, all our shoes, in and around our front door... all of it is a muddy mess! It's frustrating as I don't like things dirty! So between not feeling well, bad news at the dentist, the mud, the adoption wait... all of it has taken it's toll.
BUT! We do have dental insurance and they while they pay only 50% on crowns and such, it's better than nothing! The mud will soon pass and eventually give way to a gorgeous spring here in the Midwest. For now it can serve as a reminder of how dirty and messy our lives can be and how desperately we're in need of Jesus to 'clean us up'.
Some other good news is that our Adoption Agency has gotten a new list of Waiting Children and will possibly be getting smaller lists more randomly than just 3-4 big lists each year! We've requested to view a file from the last 2 lists, but were not selected. Our agency does a 'random draw' from all the requests. Anyway, maybe we'll find our daughter this way. Keep us in your prayers!
I have so much to be thankful for including an awesome husband who has taken over while I've not felt well, happy & healthy kids, a great job including wonderful co-workers and a warm home. That last one you may take for granted, but we do have friends who are the house parents for a new Childrens Home in our area. Until the home is filled with children, the board of directors has ordered them to keep the heat at 61 degrees. BRRR... This irritates me because they do have children of their own and I bet the board members have their thermostats higher than that. Anyway... those are some of the many things I'm thankful for today. HEAT. JMS

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