Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Friends

Earlier this week, a guy walks into the optometrist office where I am the optician to order new glasses. I knew him when I was in high school and had seen him at church camp last summer when we visited Jacen on family night. Since he was a cabin leader at church camp, I figured he must go to church.... so I asked him where. Anyway I found out his wife is the youth leader at their church and has had a hard time making friends since moving to our town. So I told him it sounded like she and I should get together and share some ideas and get to know one another.
Fast forward a couple of days and his wife calls me and asks if we can go out to supper.
We meet and hit it off immediately. She made the comment that it was like getting ready for a blind date... all nervous and stuff. So we finish eating and the restaurant was freezing, but we weren't ready to call it a night. Having just met, we weren't real sure what was appropriate or what the others were comfortable with. We were all 4 asking, " What would you like to do? Do you want to come to our house? Are you ready to call it a night? ETC..." It truly was like a first date kind of thing. We had to get home because Jadeth was babysitting the younger boys, so we decided they would come to our house. We needed to go get the boys food to take home, so our new friends went to the store and got ice cream to bring over. We ended up having the greatest evening and enjoyed eachother and the conversation immensley.
I just wanted to write about this, because I think it's so awesome how God gets things done and brings lives together. So, Tim and Marcia - here's to a long friendship. We're so thankful God has brought us together with new Christian friends. JMS

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