Thursday, January 31, 2008

Images of the Matching Room

I know it's difficult to understand how China Adoptions work. I, myself, just didn't get it when we signed up. We just wanted a daughter! I am so much more educated now than then and I know I have many family and friends that still don't quite understand how it all works. So I found a couple things to help out.
The first link is to Rumor Queen and tells how matching is done.
Next I've found a blog of a family that was actually allowed to visit the CCAA and see the matching room and take pictures.
Both are very informative and may help one understand the process a little better. It's important to know that they don't just randomly match you up. They love these children and the best intrests of the child come first. They look at many things and take much into consideration when finding a forever family for their orphans. God Bless them for that.

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