Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request

Our sweet friends from Texas are in China now!  They just got precious Emma on Monday and she is having some health problems and had to go to the hospital.  I know it is difficult enough to be in a foreign country when all is well, so I can only imagine what they're going through.
They are entirely comforted knowing that God loves little Emma even more than they do.  Please pray for Emma to get the medical attention she needs to thrive and for the Smith family as they endure this so far from family and friends.
Here's a bit from the latest email update I got from them....They don't see signs of lung infection, but said she has such severe malnutrition. They are giving her an IV as we speak and we are to go back each day for another IV until we leave Kunming, the city we are in now. Thank you for praying........and please continue to pray that the IV will help her, and that she will also be able to eat and drink what she needs to keep thriving. She is such an angel.......so precious......continue to pray her home to the US where she can get everything she needs. I do say, however, that the only ONE she needs......she has right here, right now....and I do trust Him to be her everything. Thank you, Jesus, for taking care of sweet Emma........


Carla said...

Our daughter ran a fever while in Kunming and our guide took us back to the orphanage multiple times for IV fluids. Not fun at all. Katie (aka Princess) ran a fever as well, and had coughing. If they can hang on until Guangzhou, the CanAm clinic in the Garden Hotel is awesome for treatments like we'd expect here in the states. They have private rooms for overnight observation if needed as well (for things like IV fluids).

How is she eating? taking the bottle? Katie refused any but the bottles the orphanage had, and they fixed her one and she downed it. The orphanage doesn't do formula, but uses an "egg milk" with sugar. Also, their "congee" is more the texture of our grits or oatmeal. She can email me if she wants to talk with someone BTDT in Kunming. I'll be praying for them though.

Beth said...

Hi Joy--thank you for your prayers! We have felt them. Lucey is doing great. I just wanted to tell you I'm praying for your friends and little Emma. How is she doing? I hope they are doing well.


Annie said...

I will be praying for Emma, poor little thing, and I am sure quite stressful and concerning for the family. Do they have an open blog?
By the way, I enjoy your "unreached people of the week" spot, I will pray for them.