Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jia's Spring Fling

Jia's preschool/daycare had a Spring Fling a few weeks ago! 
Jia and Jory had so much fun, I can't wait for you to see photo's of the night!

I was able to get them to be still barely long enough to snap a photo on our way in.

There was dancing.... (Jia with the Daycare Owner)

And food!
(Just one of the many tables of wonderful food!)

Of course, there was dancing!
And Jory was a wonderful big brother and danced with Jia!

Break time....

Game time... there was limbo.
(Jia could just walk under without bending)

Prizes for games....
And a screaming match!

More twirling and dancing!!!

Here's where I begin to get concerned....
First it's just the sweater coming off.

Then it's the shoes...
(isn't there a country song about this??)

Now she's rolling on the floor....

And having a ball!

Then more dancing...

Be Boppin' Dave DJ'd.  He did an awesome job!
He played the Hokey Pokey, the Chicken Dance, Old Time RockNRoll...
You get the picture!  A variety of 'get out there and dance' tunes!

Mrs. Bopper even let Jia talk into the mike.

A little more dancing with friends....

Little more punch...
And we're calling it a night!

Thanks Dianna for a FANTASTIC evening!
We had a ton of fun!


Jay and Kelly said...

Your Jia is beautiful!! Beautiful name for beautiful girls. Love your blog.

Annie said...

Spring Fling looked like a hit! That little cutie danced her socks off and I can see they had a great time!