Monday, June 21, 2010

Our 1st Forever Family Day Celebration!

A year ago you were an orphan.
Now you are a beloved daughter, sister, grand-daughter, niece, aunt, cousin and friend.

Because God sets the lonely in families!

This is the first photo we seen of you!
It was love at first sight!

You didn't even have a name, you were a number.

As we moved along in the process, you went from being #208-11 to Qiu Wen...

And from Qiu Wen to Jiana Ellan...
but still there was something missing.
A smile.
A light in your eyes.
Your family.

Our first glimpse of you in person...
You were running late!  It was a good indication that you'd make a fine member of the Stotts family!

Your dress was 3 sizes too big and you were wearing yellow Spiderman shoes!
I tenatively reached out to touch you, you were terrified.

I can't imagine what that day was like for you.
It was one of the most joyous days of my life, but I know it was probably your worst.

Eventually, you decided to take a chance on us.

It was so rough for you the first few days.
I can't blame you for being afraid.

You were so sober.

I will NEVER forget those first smiles you trusted us with!

And eventually, you decided that we were all right and you could trust us with more smiles!
I watched you everyday give in a little bit more.

Your first day home.
Your first day as an American Citizen.
Your first Independence Day!

In just a few short days your personality really emerged!

We found out what a Diva you are!

And what a ham you are!
I'm already imagining you in school!
You're bound to be the class clown.
Oh, all those calls from the principals office...

Now your smile lights up the room.

And you are so happy.

I don't know if you'll remember any of your time in China.
You've chose to leave that life behind and embrace your new life.

But the time we had there with you is priceless.

We will always remember with joy the journey that God took us on to you!
We will always be glad we stepped out of the boat.

You have brought us so much joy.

And love.

Gone is the sober, stoic orphan with just an assigned number and name.

In her place is the greatest treasure from God...
A demonstration of His Grace...
In one little face.
Jiana (God's Grace) Ellan Qiu Wen Stotts

Thank you Jia.
For your courage. 
For taking a chance on us. 
 For letting us be your Baba and Mama.
For trusting us and letting us in your heart.
And for making your way into ours.

We love you sweet girl!
Happy 1st Forever Family Day!
Mama & Baba


Beth said...

Oh Joy--Your post made me teary--how lovely. Jia is beautiful and just so happy. Thanks for sharing your blessing with us.


Annie said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story of Jia! It really is amazing to hear about, and to help prepare ourselves for that day. What a blessing Jia is!!

Cole's Mommie said...

Oh my that made me cry! I too remember those first few days and I wanted to badly to hug her and she was having none of that!! I think she is making up for it by giving me that giant smile and leaping into my arms every time I see her now!! We love her too, and we have from the moment we saw her!! She has touched so many hearts in her 1 year here with us!! We love Jia too!!!

Briana said...

My heart just melted with sweet joy.. I almost teared up. How wonderful our GOD is, and what a wonderful family he has created! GOD bless & Happy 1st Forever Family!

The Raudenbush Family said...

What a wonderful celebration of God's work! Loved the post!
Kelly (RQ reader)

Sharon said...

So precious!! I have a picture of Bailey in that same blue and cream sweater for that time there.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I sure have the tears in my eyes now. I am so thankful for have met Jia. She touched my heart.. You and jack are the most loving people I know. I can't wait to meet Jemma. I know Mashia has been touched by your family.