Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today was our BIG event for Soles4Souls!
It was a very rainy day, but wonderful all the same!

Acel and Meah worked very hard generating publicity for us!

Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry

Jacen and Brice come out to help.
Jory was a huge help running out to give people their coupons as soon as their feet hit the pavement!  Unfortunately, he was so fast, I didn't even capture a photo of him.  :-(

Jia spent the morning decorating Daddy's race car trailer!

Hadley got out in the rain to bring some soles 4 souls!

Mrs. Gilliam cleaned out her closets!  Thank you.

And Ronda's son Brayden had out grown 'several' pair!  Thanks!

Our local saddlery store is closing our their clothing portion of the store and they brought several brand new pairs of Justin boots.  Someone is going to be thrilled to get these boots!  Here are Melinda and Renea rubber-banding them together.

Lots of ladies realized their over abundance of dress shoes and brought them over.

Of course we couldn't collect and rubberband over 600 pairs of shoes without a few sticking out!
These red white and blue shoes were our favorites of the day!
Jadeth and Stephanie loved them so much they wanted their picture taken with them!

Here's Melinda with another 'favorite'!

And Renea kept picking out shoes she loved!  I had to keep slapping her hand and remind her that they're 'for the children'!!!  She loved the Zebra! 

Here's Jia with her mouth wide open..

Renea, Melinda and I with some of our shoes!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped with this event!
KTTN for having us on Open Line and advertising.
Mark at Brown's Shoe Fit for the coupon!
Jadeth, Stephanie, Jacen, Brice, Jory, Acel, Meah, Isa, Julien, LaTorrie, Levi, Tyler, Tanner and anyone I forgot, that come out to help today.
Everyone who brought shoes. 
Just imagine your work boots being on the feet of a man working in the good 'ole USA. 
Or you're lovely gold high heels on the feet of a woman in Haiti going to church.
Those awesome Birkenstocks on the feet of an African woman hauling water.
The houseshoes on an elderly with no money to buy her own.
Imagine your cowboy boots that you had for 35 years being put on the feet of a man 1/2 a world away who has never owned a pair.
And of course all the flip flops on children who perhaps have never owned a pair.
The tennis shoes you donated will be perfect for a trauma ward patient who's shoes weren't worth saving when he was brought into the hospital.
And the dress shoes will be perfect for a woman in an abuse shelter trying to make a 2nd start in life.

It was very humbling to go through the shoes and imagine the feet that would wear them next. 
Also, to see the new shoes, never worn... and to realize how much we have and take for granted and how grateful someone is going to be to have them.
And last but not least, someone very special donated money to help buy our lunch!  Thank you!  We were starved and the pizza was 'oh so good'!  Love you.

All together today, we collected over 650 pairs of shoes!  We decided rather than paying to ship them, Renea, Melinda and myself are just going to take a road trip to the main Soles4Souls warehouse in Nashville and deliver them ourselves!  That should be a blast!  So you still have time to donate shoes or money for our trip if you'd like!  Thanks again for your help!

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The Tucker Troops said...

Hi Joy--

What a wonderful ministry and this post captured it beautifully. I wish I could have been there. I love all the pictures!