Friday, April 9, 2010

A fact for you...

You might remember my post from here about the need for shoes around the world.


300 Million people don't have a pair of shoes...

Or wear shoes that are too small...

While 1.5 billion pairs of shoes set idle in American closets.
Just setting there.
Not being worn.
Because we have too many.


So we're doing something about it!

Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry is teaming up with Brown's Shoe Fit, Grundy County Girl Scouts and our local schools to host a shoe drive.  All donated shoes will go here....

That's right.  Soles4Souls.  
The girl scouts can earn a badge by helping to host a shoe drive, educate themselves on the worldwide need for shoes and for donating shoes of their own.

April 24th, we're having a shoe drive along 9th Street in front of Brown's Shoe Fit in Trenton.
If you donate a good used or new pair of shoes and $1 to help pay for shipping the shoes to the S4S warehouse, Brown's will give you a $10 coupon to be used on sale shoes or a $20 coupon to be used on a regular priced pair of shoes.
Listen to KTTN April 19th for more details, as we're guests on Open Line again!

Here's a sweet little girl getting her new shoes from Soles4Souls. 
 Doesn't that make your heart smile?

Some schools have already kicked off their own shoe drive!
Here are kids at R-6 donating shoes of their own!  Their first day they already filled up the box!
YEAH R-6!!!!

Donations are already rolling in!  Shoes can be dropped off at the local schools or at Brown's already! 
Or track down your local Girl Scout and give them to her!

Now I haven't forgotten that the name of this blog is Journey to Jia!  Soon I will put up Easter pictures and an awesome day trompin' through the woods a couple of weeks ago!
Now go clean out those closets!

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