Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Friday, but Sunday is coming

My friend, Pastor Randy of 1st Assembly, shared this e-mail this morning and I asked permission to share.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.  JMS

I think there is a natural tendency for us to want to skip ahead to Easter.
Easter is celebratory.
Easter is bright.
Easter is upbeat.
Nobody would argue Easter Sunday is a day of celebration. We celebrate that Jesus conquered death so we can have life. It doesn’t get any better than Easter Sunday, the third day.
But we don’t hear a lot about day one and two? After the crucifixion on day one and leading into day two it almost seems as if nothing is happening. It’s a period of questioning, doubting, wondering, and definitely waiting. It’s a season of helplessness and hopelessness.
And honestly, this is where some of you are right now. You’re in a season where you’ve begun to wonder if God is asleep at the wheel or simply powerless to do anything about your problems.
Is it possible, though, that this season is actually a time of preparation? Is it possible God’s getting ready to do his best work in you?
Because that’s exactly what was happening during this time between the crucifixion and the resurrection. While it appeared that nothing was happening we know, in fact, that God was engineering a resurrection.
You may currently be in the midst of a horrible, out-of-control situation. You feel as if God is not there, that there’s nothing that can be done.
But here is the message of the gospel for you while you’re stuck in your seemingly helpless, hopeless, season of waiting: God does his best work in hopeless situations.
We worship a God who specializes in resurrections. He specializes in hopeless situations. After all, he conquered death—the ultimate hopeless situation—so you could have life.
It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming.
See ya Sunday!!
Pastor Randy

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Annie said...

Thanks for sharing these thoughts. It is a great reminder for us to think about the time leading up to the resurrection! He is there working in us even when we don't see it. :)