Friday, April 30, 2010

Beauty from Brokenness

A friend of a friend is making the most beautiful cross neclaces from her broken patio table!  She recently began selling them on Etsy... just in time for Mothers Day! 
I don't know what I love more... the cross necklaces, or the parable of making something beautiful from something broken.  I think after reading her story on creating the necklaces, you couldn't help but be reminded of our own restoration through Christ Jesus everytime you put on this piece of jewelry.
Check out Carolyn's Etsy shop here.

Each unique tempered glass cross is a result of an accident that destroyed a glass table.I've taken each fragment in the shape it was found and gave it a new identity by cleaning, painting and placing it where it now has beauty, value and purpose! Isn't this just what the Lord does with us when we give Him our own brokenness?
All cross pendants and some of the chains are handmade and completely original. Every necklace comes with a parable enclosure card. The parable tells how the glass went from "disaster to decor" in much the same way Jesus Christ brings beautiful restoration to our own lives.
10% of every sale helps to support rescued broken souls from the disastrous trade of Human Trafficking.(International Crisis Aid)

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