Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I was asked to be a panelist on a webinar hosted by our agency tonight.  Other families beginning the adoption process or considering joining the special needs program logged in to hear how the process works.
At the end, they had a Q&A time with an family that had adopted from the SN program - Me! 
Actually it was 'us' but Jack is relatively bashful and most likely would say anything.  And Monday night I logged in and practiced with the agency representative, just to make sure everything worked right and Jia was right on my lap, pushing buttons, holding my face talking to me,etc...   So Jack took the kids to McDonalds, then Grandma and Grandpas tonight!
Anyway, the family that we shared our 'gotcha day' with switched to SN after attending one of these very webinars where they learned how the program worked.  They are thrilled to have their daughter with cleft lip and palet.  So it was kind of special to be able to do this because I know it does make a difference in how people view special needs and in their decision to go with a SN child.  I was honored to be asked and am always willing to do whatever I can to advocate for adoption!

Here's a picture of me with my headset on getting ready!

This is our slide!  Sarah W., our agency rep, couldn't decide which picture she liked most to share, so she chose her top 3.  She was so funny telling me how she saved her favorites then narrowed them down and still couldn't decide and had to narrow it down some more!
I can't tell you how much we LOVE our agency!  Yes, even though we're done with the adoption process, they are still OUR agency.  We love them and are forever grateful to them and will advocate for them until we can do so no longer.  Every person we have dealt with at our agency has been genuinely kind and encouraging. 
If you're considering adopting and looking into agencies.... please contact me so I can give you a very good recommendation!

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Anonymous said...

You looked great with the headset on :) My office mates suggested that we asked all of our families to wear a headset and post a picture on their blog!

Thank you so much for your help last night, Joy. It was our pleasure to work with you as a team. What a fantastic job you did! You covered everything that people wanted to learn so no more questions! - S.