Friday, October 30, 2009


Not all of you can handle this post.  Not all of you should click on the links.  WHY???  Because some of you will lose a huge chunk of your heart.  If you feel like you can handle it... go ahead!  But don't say you weren't warned!  Get ready for some killer cuteness, and possibly a change in your life.

AAC - I already lost my heart to Lillian and Sophie.  And I double dog dare you to check out Marcus and Wayne and not lose your heart.  Ask yourself why you couldn't parent one of these cuties!  You could be the one they're waiting on!  And you can reveiw their file free!

Leslie over at Room for at Least One More has compiled an awesome list of agencies with waiting children.  I can't tell you how amazing the experience of adoption is.  It's addictive.  You are changed.  You just can't help but want, not only for these children to find their forever families, but the families to find their forever children.  I can't imagine missing out on Jia if someone hadn't planted that seed of adoption.  That is why I've worked so hard on Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry.  I know once people open up their hearts and begin asking themselves if this is something they could do, the answer will be 'yes'!

Go ahead now and take a peek!  Let me know which one you end up adopting!  :-)

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