Thursday, October 15, 2009

Random Catch Up Photo's

Let's start with a favorite photo of mine! 
Daddy painting Jia's toes before church!

Jia and Uncle Hobbie at Jory's birthday dinner!
And yes.... he brought her a toy!  And he wonders why everyone thinks he's Santa!  :-)

Jia enjoying some peaches!  I have a whole bunch of photo's of her eating these peaches!  She was so funny... and not very ladylike!

Momma wanted to see the Hannah Montana movie one night... so Jory and Jia got their popcorn and settled in for the night!  They were so adorable!
And yes, I thought the movie was great!

When Jia takes a bath, I usually sit on the bed and read.  This is the view from where I sit!  She just peeks out and says "Mom, doing?"  the ENTIRE time!  So cute!

Jia LOVES to wear Daddy's glasses!

The weekend of my birthday we went to a balloon derby not far from our house.  It was the most fabulous time.  The weather was glorious!  We were with great friends!  It was just so relaxing to eat a picnic lunch on our blanket and watch the balloons come in!  The kids all loved it and we can't wait to go next year!  You're invited to join us!
Anyway, there was a man making balloon hats and Jory and Jia both got one!  You can see all the balloons coming in, in the background.

Here are the balloons leaving... I love the sunset picture!

Jory was invited to go to the Omaha Zoo for the weekend.  Thanks Cindy for this amazing photo!  I love this sweet little face!

Jory and his friend Cole at the zoo!

Not too many photo's of Racin' Skatin' Jacen, but as you can see, he's as cool as ever!!!  He is fixin' to play middle school basketball!

Jack had a birthday.  I won't tell you how many, but the extra help with the candles was much needed!  JK!  Love you honey!

If you've heard me say it once, you've heard it a million times... Jia loves to perch herself on the kitchen counter while I'm working in there... usually she has my camera in hand saying "smile!".  So here's a photo by Jia!

And all of this 'catch up' has worn poor Jory out!

I'll try not to take so long in between posts next time, but you'll soon find out what has been keeping me busy!  I think this is enough catch up for one day though!


Renea Lynch said...

She's just too stinkin' cute for words!!! :) I love the picture of Jack painting her toes and Jori eating popcorn with her! ♥

Briana said...

Joy! I love the new blog layout! It is SUPER cute...Jia is SUPER cute as well!

<3 Briana