Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ladder Practice

Last night as I walked through the house I heard a loud truck stop outside and seen brake lights out front. I thought the Schwan man must be here, nevermind that the Schwan man doesn't stop at our house! But I thought that's what it must be so I went to the door, actually a bit excited to get some cheddar bites! I opened the door and there were 4 firetrucks, 1 ambulance, the fire chiefs suburban and about 35 Firefighters in their gear.
YIKES!!!! I hadn't noticed anything, but I have been accused of being non-observant.
The fire chief come up to the door and I said "You're not the Schwan man!" He's my neighbor, so I can say incredibly ridiculous stuff like that to him! He said they were going to be doing some ladder practice on the empty house across the street from us. So guess where my boys were the rest of the night!
Jack had been out running some errands and imagine his surprise when he come around the corner and our road was blocked off by firetrucks and ambulances... all parked right in front of our house! I think it jumpstarted his heart a bit!
You can see Jory's feet... he was sitting on a the hood of a truck parked in our side yard that Jack has for sale! He loved it!

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