Sunday, November 23, 2008

Toby Mac!

Last year I went with some girlfriends from church to ROCK THE LIGHT. RTL is held at Starlight Theater in KCMO. It was so awesome! The night we went, Toby Mac was there. I had heard a couple of his songs, but wasn't really familiar with him. Well, let me tell you... that was the best concert ever!!!! He is THE BEST! I was just stunned. The entire time, I kept thinking to myself, Jacen should be here, Jacen would love this! I promised myselt that when Toby Mac came back to our area I would take Jacen.
Well, fast forward more than a year later... I find out he's coming back to KC. You know how it is, when you begin to doubt that something was actually as good as you remember... that's what I did. I looked up tickets and thought it's so close to Christmas, we really can't afford to buy tickets, was it really all that great? So I decided against it.
On the way to school one day, our local Christian station was giving away tickets. The trivia question was "Who buried Moses?". I called, but was the 2nd caller... Ean said 'try again tomorrow'. I will never forget that day because when I dropped Jory off at school he called me a 'loser' when he shut the door. Oh and he had been planning it all the way there. He even waited until he was out and shutting the door so I couldn't respond. Not that I could with my mouth agape anyway!
So the next morning, they were giving away tickets and all you had to do was be the 3rd caller. I WAS! I won 2 tickets to TM! I was dissapointed the rest of the family couldn't go, but I was taking Jacen!
Well, the concert was at Municipal Auditorium and I had a really hard time getting there. Once we were there and began to walk to the concert, we were turned around and going in the wrong direction. It was already dark, we were in unfamiliar territory, we ran across a guy asking for money, someone hollared from a hot dog stand and Jacen and I were ready to turn and run! But we made it...then when we went into the auditorium, we were ready to turn and run again! It's just to huge and unfamiliar. I've gotten to know Kemper Area like the back of my hand. I've taken the youth group to so many events there, it's so comfortable. MA was nothing like Kemper. We got there during Family Force 5 and they totally stink. Not my thing at all. I was still debating getting the heck out of there and going home. Then Relient K came on and they were better. Jacen knows some of their songs, so he relaxed a bit, but still could've left. All the while, I was questioning myself, was it worth it? Is Toby Mac as cool as I remember? The answer is YES!
After Toby Mac came on, we finally relaxed and didn't worry about getting out of there, to our car and getting home. He ROCKED! I love all of his songs. And it was a Winter Wonderslam Tour, so at the end, all the bands came out and there was snow, and they rode bikes and threw candy canes! Oh and Toby Mac actually dove into the crowd! It was just so awesome! I told Jacen we were definately coming again! I won't forget how awesome it was ever again!
We had a no trouble getting to our car, but getting to I35 proved a little difficult due to road construction. But the awesome concert outweighed all the negative things by far!
So, since Jacen and I were having a 'date' I asked Jack to snap a picture of us. Of course Jory had to have one too! Enjoy!

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