Thursday, November 6, 2008

A New Day in America

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This is the day for new things in America.
Some of us rejoice with the coming new and some of us fell asleep last night weeping for what that new may mean for this country. Either way, it is the reality.
And I refuse for that reality to stifle my sense of possibility.
Now is the time for Christians to live the message of Christ. Maybe, more than ever before, we will be invited outside our comfort zones where living what we believe won't be easy. And dare I say, that may be the best thing that has happened to Christians in a very long time.
It's one thing to hold fast to traditional principles, but a completely different thing to act whole-heartedly upon them.
It's easy to say abortion is wrong, but hard to walk beside and support that woman who chooses life.
It's easy to think we should help the poor, but hard to write that check from our own bank accounts to do so.
It's easy to point out wrongs in other people, but hard to examine the many places we ourselves fall so short.
It's easy to point out problems, but hard to sacrifice our time to be part of the solution.
But, that's exactly what being a Christian is supposed to propel us to do. With grace and gentleness and humble spirits, we are to be more than a band of people labeled as conservatives. We are to actively be Christ's hands and feet in this world.
Jesus never called us to the comfortable life. He called us follow him through whatever life hands us.
Jesus never waited for the circumstances of the times to line up in his favor. He called us to follow him and be light in the darkness.
Jesus never bad mouthed the leaders of the day or demanded they change their policies. He called us to follow him and live out the truth through our right choices.
And in following Jesus, an air of excited expectancy will be breathed fresh in our souls.
In Obama's speech last night he said, "As Lincoln said to a nation far more divided than ours, We are not enemies, but friends...though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection."
Now is the time to be representatives of truth to all those around us. May we Christians be seen not as those who continue to strain against the unity of our country, but as followers of Jesus, those who help create it.
Now is the time... today is the day... to follow Jesus like never before.

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