Monday, January 17, 2011

Tiltin' Milton

While you wait for me to get Birthday pictures of Jia edited and uploaded....
Here's a few of Jory to enjoy!

Jack and I got him this game for Christmas called Tiltin' Milton.
He lays in a hammock and has holes all over him that you stick toys in like a plate that you can then add a sandwich or cup to.  A branch that has birds that will set in it.  There's a hat that you can put a feather in, a fishin pole that you can hang a fish from...
Anyway you try and get Milton to 'tilt' towards the other player!

This is Milton tiltin' towards Jory!  Almost to fall over!
(ignore that Dr. Pepper bottle on the living room floor Jack!)

But, alas, as usual..... Jory wins and Milton falls towards me!

Jory gets a kick out of this redneck game and we enjoyed playing it Saturday while Jia was at a friends birthday party.

I still have some Christmas pictures to put up, including Jory's school program.  And I'll get Jia's Birthday pictures up ASAP too!

Happy Monday to ya'll!!!

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