Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Jia!!

Today our beautiful daughter turns 5

This is the last picture we seen of you before taking off to China

You were so heartbroken and distraught.

And less than a year later you were full of joy and trust.

You thoroughly enjoyed your first ever birthday party when you turned 4...

but now you are full of opinions and, well.... sass!

This year, it's killing you to wait for your birthday party!
You have asked everyday for a while now when it's your turn for a birthday party.
You knew your turn was next after Jacen's!

You're are such a gorgeous girl! 

And so girly!

I love you so much baby girl!
I love that you're so girly and want to wear dresses all the time.
I love sharing my makeup with you everymorning.
I love watching you grow and learn.
I love watching you stick up for yourself.
I love everything about you, including your sass and all of your opinions!

Party pictures coming soon....


Party store said...
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Briana said...

Happy 5th Birthday Jia! I am sure your party will be a blast!! :)

Annie said...

She has grown into a fun, confident and beautiful 5 year old!! Happy Birthday Jia!

Melinda said...

Happy 5th Birthday, JIA! Enjoy your party!!