Saturday, January 22, 2011

Party Pics!!!

Jia's Birthday is Jan 7th, but we couldn't get a party time at the skating rink until the 16th.  The wait for the party was excruciating for Jia!
On her actual birthday we made Bakarella's cakeball cupcakes to share with her friends.

She came home with a Birthday Crown and had a really special day! 
That night we took her to Applebee's for Mac N Chz (her request).
I do have mobile a mobile upload from that night I'll have to add.

We made Jia's birthday cake and of course she had to sample the batter...

and the frosting
I was horrified to see her squirting the frosting straight into her mouth.
Her big brother Jacen showed her how, but he turned away before I could get his picture!

Here's the cake!
Jia wanted Mermaids.
I think it's a bit, well.... much.
Jia would've had it to be much muchier!
She loves the 'stuff'!
We had to get every mermaid on there.
And lots of sparkles!

Party table at Roll A Rama

Birthday girl and her cake

Trying to roller skate with Daddy

Jia's BFF's!

I wish this pic of Jia and Daddy was clearer

New earrings and necklace from Grandma and Grandpa!
Red Butterlies!
Jia's favorite color and her birthstone

I love Cambree's face in this picture!
She is such a sweet little girl and always excited!

More 'bling' from Uncle Rob!
This girl can never get enough jewels!

At one point in China, I actually wondered if there was more wrong with Jia's mouth as she didn't seem to open it very wide.
As you can see.... those were unfounded fears!

Helping carry out her presents, not happy about leaving the skating rink!

Jory had a great time also!
Jacen didn't want to go because he didn't think he'd want to spend the afternoon surrounded by all the little girls! 

Jory has gotten really good on the roller blades! 
He had a great time!

I forgot to show you the 'ladybug' hidden on the cake.  I bought a bunch of these at a cake store in the city before we travelled to get Jia.  I love sticking them on cakes I make and seeing if people spot them.  I only have 2 left, so I'm gonna need to make a trip to Overland Park and hope that little store is still there!

Jia had a great birthday!  She felt so special, just like a princess!
Thanks everyone for the wishes and helping us celebrate!


Renea Lynch said...

Again, the princess and her cake are absolutely posi-tootly fabulous!!! =)

Annie said...

Wow! What a fun birthday for Jia!!! You made that cake?? Amazing!! Never "a bit much" for a 7 year old, I'm sure she was thrilled to see it!! Fantastic party!