Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The other morning Jia come to me saying "Jia earring." 
I told her she'd have to talk to Daddy about it!  I thought by the end of the day, she'd forget all about it.
Daddy picked her up at preschool and she said "Jia earrings."
This was on Tuesday... she asked everyday...
til Friday.

We went to W*l-M*rt Friday night and got her ears pierced.

Here is the before photo... she is so excited to be choosing her earrings!

Jory is trying to tell her which ones to get and she 'ain't having none of it'!!

Here Mom... hold my icky straw I've been carrying around.

Getting her ears marked with a pen...

Making sure...

Doing her 'lil tiny ear' as Jia calls it!

And now the left...
you can tell by her face what's coming.


Pretty girl...
A bit sober, but pretty!

After just a few minutes she was all better!  She kept saying "Jia pretty!"
Yes, Jia.  You're beautiful!


Cole's Mommie said...

OMG!!! She finally got her ears pierced!! She was beautiful before the earrings and now she has bling!! YAY!! Such a big girl!!

Nicole said...

Look how big and brave she is! I love the picture of her finger over her mouth! I was wondering if this could be done with Peyton's right ear! Now I know!
Thank you for sharing!