Monday, November 16, 2009


So... here's a bit of conversation between Jack and I last night.  Let me first set the scene...
I had a major headache all day. 
Took a much needed nap after church... still have a headache. 
Took too many motrin's...still have a headache.
Now I'm guessing it's because I've had absolutely no caffiene today.
Fixed a cup of French Vanilla coffee... still have a headache.  (but I did learn that Jia likes coffee)
So Jack goes down the street to get me a Dr. Pepper.
I'm veggin' out on the couch, making my weekly menu and Jack cooks supper for us.
Fried Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Macaroni and Cheese
I'm doing clean up, because it's the least I can do afterall.... and my head if feeling a bit better after a cup of coffee and a Dr. Pepper.  Jack is bringing the dishes to me and makes this comment, "About 18 more years of this..." You know, fixing big suppers, big clean up, lots of dishes, etc....
I reminded him that Jia is almost 4, so maybe only about 15 more years.  He mumbles "But I never know what you're gonna want to do next" and he leaves the room.
I'm standing there mulling that over in my head... Whhhhaaa???? (Thanks Aimee for that, I like it! :-))  What did that comment mean?  Did he just insinuate what I thought he insinuated and was okay with it???
So I called him back in the room and asked him what that meant.  I was right.  He meant, knowing me, I'd probably be wanting to adopt another one down the road.  And I said to Him "You acted like it would be okay with you."  He replied "I couldn't ever say no to you."  Ahhhhh... yes, isn't that sweet?  The stuff dreams are made of...
So... just to let you all know.  No, we're not adopting again.  We are totally enjoying Jia and she is amazing,  I don't see it in our future again.  But it's nice to know that my husbands heart is in it just as much as mine!

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