Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween Catch Up

It seems all of my posts are about 'catch up'!  It's been so crazy busy around here with Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry taking off and Orphan Sunday last week.  But things are slowing down and I'm going to try and catch you up a bit...
Today, we're going all the way back to Halloween!
It was Jia's first Halloween and she had a ball!  She totally got into it!  We looked at costumes and just couldn't part with the money when we had this adorable little outfit at home from China.  So she was a Chinese Princess!
Jory wanted to be a skater boy... himself. 
We did pumpkins the week of Halloween also.  Jia was all over cleaning them out!  Such a cleaner....

Grandma's candy bowl!  I don't think she had ever seen this much candy in her life!  But she certainly knew what to do with it!

Grandma got her crown out to!

Jia is really a Grandpa's girl!  She can often be found on his lap... this time looking at picutes on mommea's camera.

We had to re-apply a bit of glitter before we hit the road and went door to door!

Pretty Gurla!!!

Big smiles before hitting the candy....

And after....

And no night of Trick or Treating is complete without stopping at McDonalds! 
It's a Stotts Tradition!

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