Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Shopping....

My blogger friend Stephanie over at Ni Hao Y'all is doing a little Christmas Shopping and she needs our help.  Actually, I could use your help!  What are you getting your kids this year?
Jack and I have struggled to come up with something that will make Christmas magical and memorable, because the gifts just aren't doing it.  And we want to emphasize the Reason for the Season.
Each year, we buy way too much and by the next week, they are done with it.  I mean done.  I asked Jacen and Jory at supper last night what they got for Christmas last year and Jacen does remember that they each got a Nintendo DS, but that's it.
I want something that, when you ask them what they got last year... their little faces will light up and they'll think back fondly of Christmases past. This year, we had our trip to China and brought home our precious little Jia.  Therefore, funds are a little low after mommy took off work for 3 months. 
I really want to get Jia this Dora book for writing Chinese characters from AsianParent.com.  And she's getting a kitchen set too.  She loves the one at daycare.  But I have no clue what else to get her.  Any ideas????  She will be 4 January 7th, so I need a birthday gift too.  She plays okay with her babydolls, but what she really enjoys is just playing with Jory and **gasp** rough housing.  She really is a busy, hands on type of girl that enjoys interaction.
Now, for the boys!!!  Jory wants a Zero Gravity Air Hog car that will go up the walls and stuff.  Yikes!  And Jacen wants a phone.  But since he's only going to be 13 (Dec. 12th) I don't think he needs that.  I'm considering a video camera.  He's always taking my camera to the skate park to video his tricks and stuff.. so that's a possibility.
However, we haven't thought this completely out, but here is what we want to do!  Get them a great pair of warm snow boots, snowsuit, stocking hat, and warm gloves and go snow tubing!  Be sure to click on that snow tubing link... doesn't that look like fun???!!!  Do you think if you asked them next year, what they got for Christmas this year, they would remember?   I can't help but think so!

Now in case you're looking for a great gift idea for the adult on your list... how about a great Tshirt?
***I ran across something even greater than a Tshirt... an apron!  Check these out at ScarletThread.*** 
If you are doing a bit of online shopping... like John Gosselin is this year... "I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet, it will probably be all Internet based this year, pre-wrapped. You know, I'm a guy, when there's free gift wrap, I'm like, 'Yeah, yes please."   Consider going through Love Without Boundries or New Day Foster Home's Amazon stores.  That way you can get more for your money.  And who doesn't want that in today's economy?
So bring on the ideas!  What gifts were a success for you?  And more importantly, what traditions do you have to successfully incorporate Jesus into your holiday season?
Bring it on girls...!!!


Kathy said...

Our children only get three gifts because the wise men brought three gifts. It helps tie THE REAL reason of CHRISTMAS with Santa.

The boys are getting a real gun to share ( lots of hunting in Alabama), also a remote control, amphibious tank that shoots airsoft pellets
( very cool), and wrist walkie talkies.
Since we are going to China in Dec. for Maggie ( yeah !!), I have gotten her some great dolls off the internet ( Stella doll with Magnetic pacifier and the Asian Carelle doll). I am always looking for ways to make Christmas less about presents and more about Jesus and giving to others. Can't wait to read what other families are doing !

Stefanie said...

Great ideas!! Thanks so much for linking up to share :)
P.S. Miss Jia is TOO cute... I bet she is going to LOVE that kitchen!

jeanne said...

Joy... I loved little Jia's story of you bringing her to your very loving and caring family.
A neat Christmas tradition my girls have started doing with their little ones is... each Christmas they buy their kids a Christmas ornament that means something they specifically liked that year... a cartoon character maybe Dora, if they were into a certain sports, etc. They store the ornaments in a box and then when they are older… like married or out on their own… give the whole box of ornaments to them. Each year a handwritten note is put in with the ornament about their accomplishments, funny things they said or special celebrations or why you chose that ornament for them. Can you image getting a legacy of the history of things you liked as a child with notes handwritten from your Mom!
Jeanne Curtis