Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Pictures!

I was cleaning out my inbox today and found a few pictures I hadn't shared! The first 2 are of the day we went fishing at the Harrison Co. Lake with my parents! Jia loved the boat! Actually last week, we attended the annual picnic held by Jack's employer and they give away a ton of prizes... Jia won her own Barbie fishing pole! So I guess Grandpa will have to show her how to use it!

The day after Rock the Light we went to a Balloon Derby with some friends. The kids LOVED it! The balloons were coming in 20 at a time. Poor Jia just kept waving her hand at all of them, there were too many to count!
She sat and waited for a guy to make her a balloon hat and looked absolutely adorable in it! Jory had a balloon bracelet made, but you can hardly see it in the picture.
Anyway.... ENJOY!

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Renea Lynch said...

She's too precious. I just love her. :) Thanks for sharing her with us so generously. God is blessing her and your familiy daily. I'm proud to know you. ♥