Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Saturday we FINALLY got to meet Caiya and parents Aimee and Cary. Jia and Caiya are Maogang sisters and I think Aimee and I met through that Yahoo group. We have talked and emailed for several months and hoped to travel to China at the same time. However, that was not to be! Caiya joined her Forever Family on May 18th and Jia on June 22nd!
We were so excited to hear that Caiya and family were coming to visit family near by and we could finally meet! Caiya will be 2 in November and Jia 4 in January. The girls didn't seem to remember one another, but they would've been in the same orphanage for about a year and a half.

After playing indoors for a while, we moved outside to the fountains! The girls loved it out there!

Jia is a water baby and couldn't resist playing in the fountain!
Here she is still dry, mostly!
Getting a little wetter....

And now we're past the point of no return! Thank Goodness we had a dry change of clothes!

Afterwards we met at the Noodle Factory so they could have a bite to eat before continuing on their journey. Caiya gave Jia the 10 Little Ladybugs book and Aimee was reading it to them.

Goodbye Hugs! Now it's our turn to visit them!

A group shot! The mom's and their girls!
Joy Jia Aimee Caiya
Afterwards we went to Rock the Light at Starlight to see the Newsboys! We went with several of our friends which made it even more of a blast!
Jia was such a rocker chick! She was shakin' it and jumpin' and had the best time!

Afterwards we stopped at Steak N Shake and got to visiting with a youth group next to us. We found out that they were from a town 30 minutes away from us... a huge former football rivalry!

Anyway they had been at Rock the Light too and their church bus a just broke down.
Long story short... the driver prayed the bus would get them to a safe place and help would come. Did I mention that my husband mechanics on the side? He didn't happen to have any tools, but our friend did. So after a few trips to WalMart for parts, we finally got their van going and got home about 2:30 AM!!! It was cool to be an answer to prayer for their driver!

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The Tucker Troops said...

Joy--It was your birthday? Happy Belated Birthday! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with your friends. I love the pictures. So sweet. What a testimony to that you were there to fix the bus. God's hand was all over that!