Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to School and Photography

Here's Jory sharing his precious toothless grin with us! He's lost 8 teeth so far!!!

Jory Brien Stotts! He began 1st grade this year! Jacen was mortified by what he chose to wear... but Hey! It's Jory's first day, he can wear what he wants! And Jacen is in another school, so his friends will never even see Jory! You go Jory!

Jacen Robert Stotts on his first day of 7th Grade!

He's trying to portray the rough and tough skater dude look without cracking a smile! Pretty darn hard to do!

Jacen, Jory and Jia! Just missing Jadeth who was not about to get out of bed yet! He doesn't start college until next week, so he can still sleep in!

I must warn you before you proceed!!!
Scroll down at your own risk!!!!
Don't say you weren't warned!!!
It's NOT pretty!!!

Ei! Yi! Yi! This is what happens to sweet little girls when they've been around big brothers for 8 weeks! Can you believe it????

It's amazing what a difference 8 weeks can make! The first time Jia wore her Navy traditional Chinese dress was for the Red Couch Photo with our travel group. She cried the entire time!
Now she's a total ham!

We had her picture taken at Look at Me Pics here in town. Renea does a fabulous job and she participates in Celebrate Adoption where they'll take the first pictures of your adopted child for free! I can't wait to see the rest, but these teasers were wonderful!

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Melinda said...

The pictures are beautiful, Joy!! Good luck planting the seed of adoption, it is definately worth the time, as we both know!