Sunday, August 9, 2009

7 Weeks ago...

7 weeks ago today... we had traveled 1/2 way across the world, chasing a dream that God planted in our hearts.
7 weeks ago today... that dream come true.
7 weeks ago today... this is the first glance we had of that dream.
We sat in the corner of a large room with at least 15 other families, realizing their dreams at the same time! Gang Qiu Wen was late... our guide just kept saying, " Qiu Wen coming" "Qiu Wen late" "Qiu Wen on the way".
We watched as most other families were already calming their babies... and waited.
When we walked in, I chose a seat in the corner because I thought it would be more private, but we couldn't see the elevator. All of a sudden, our guide started saying "Qiu Wen! Qiu Wen!!!" I just turned the video on on my camera, and this is our first glance of 'Qiu Wen'!

This is 'Qiu Wen' AKA... Jia, today... totally making herself at home! She loves to sprawl out on the counter top on the opposite side of where I'm cooking and get into things!

7 weeks ago today, Jia clung to her nanny for dear life. I don't know if she really knew this lady, but this lady and the orphanage director loaded Jia up and drove her 4 hours that morning to met her family.
She had no idea her world was about to be turned upside down. In all honesty, I really began to doubt what we were doing was best for her.
Another still taken from our Forever Family Day video.
My first time reaching out and touching the daughter that had touched my heart so many months before...

And here's Miss Jia today with her big brother Jory! Jory was actually more persistant about praying for Jia than any of the rest of us. He never blessed a meal that he didn't ask God to take care of Jia... for 3 years!
It paid off! She's loved him from the moment we stepped off the plane! What a good big brother he is!

What a dramatic change in just 7 short weeks!
She LOVES to dress up and wear hair bows! Thank You God for that answered prayer! When she dresses up for church, she always looks in the mirror and just giggles and smiles!
She loves to admire herself!

Here's Jia enjoying a popsicle on our front porch.

Jia put her head band on all by herself! She was so proud of herself that she didn't even mind the hair sticking up all over!

Our small town recently held their annual fair and it always kicks off with a parade. It didn't take Jia long to figure out she got candy when she waved!
She totally had fun and didn't resemble that shy, scared little girl we met in China at all!
Here she is showing off her candy and beads! She still wears the beads even now... all of them... all at once!

Last week we took Jia, Jacen and Jory to the Harrison County Lake. We met Grandma and Grandpa there.
After a quick ride in Grandpa's fishing boat... which she loved and she looked absolutely adorable in her Dora life vest... Jia, Grandma and I hit the beach while the boys went fishing!

Jia totally loves the water! She loves taking a bath, she loves to go to the swimming pool, she loved the lake and she loves to play in my water bucket on the front porch.
I keep them full to water my hanging baskets and she will play in them for over an hour! It's glorious because that's about the only time I can read a book! I'm really enjoying that porch swing!

Speaking of water....
yesterday we went to Grandma's and played on the slip n slide! Guess what....???? She loved it!
She also loved taking control of the water hose and spraying all of us!

Here she is sharing her fudge pop with Jory!
They are sooooo entirely sweet together, usually! Jia is definately feeling comfortable at home and has no problem telling Jory "No" and "STOP it!" In fact, I hear that a lot lately!

My boys are never content with things the way they are... they always have to be rigged up. Hence the ramp Jory made in the middle of the slip n slide.

Here's another of Jia and Jory at the top of the slide at the park.
She is just a completely different girl and only wish I could be as brave and courageous and she had been!
We love you Jia!
I have many more still's I took from our FFD video... so I'll be adding some more... including the first time we held her! Check back!

God is Good!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You've caught many wonderful moments of your children! Nice job! - Sarah W.

lildebbie44 said...

This lil girl is transforming day by day. She looks so happy and content :) It's so nice to see Big Bro Jory accepting her like he is. You know some kids would show signs of jealousy. You obviously have raised him right.