Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wear Something That Matters!

Some very smart, compassionate woman had her socks blown off by God last year when she started this little thing called 'Forget the Frock' and raised something like $10,000 for orphans!
I heard about it and decided to get kinda/sorta do something similar at our church this year.  We had shirts made up to sell as a fundraiser to help Bring Jemma Home.  And on April 28, our church will be doing it's own version of 'wear something that matters'!  That will be the last Sunday before we leave on May 1st.  So to send us off in style, they will all be wearing their Journey to Jemma shirts!
If you'd like to own your very own shirt leave a comment!  Shirts are Grey and have Hosea 14:3 on them.  They are $20 and I have sizes 6/8 - 3X.  We've already sold out of everything but Large and Xtra Large and are fixing to reorder.  So let me know what you need!
All money goes to help pay our final travel expenses and legal fee's in China.  Thank you for helping bring Jemma home!

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