Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

I managed to get a picture with each one of my kiddos, but that was only because I chased them down and told them to smile! They all had matching outfits, that come off as soon as we hit the church doors! So here are some unedited shots dumped from my phone!
We colored Easter eggs and took Jia to the community Easter Egg hunt where she met up with some friends. Oh, and that tricky little EB even put candy on grandpa and grandmas pole that they hang Martin houses on!! How he got it clear up there we have no clue! Jory was throwing his boot at it and jumping with all his might...even After he let the pole down!!
I hope you all had a blessed Easter... Remember He is not here, He IS risen!!!!

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Annie said...

So blessed with all of the beautiful faces! Can't wait to see Jemma added in!!