Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Demonstrated...

Our Sunday School class volunteered to host our church Valentine banquet this year.  It was a way for us to serve our church family and to demonstrate to them how much we love and appreicate them. 
Our theme.... wasn't about couples.  Nor marriage.
It was about our OneTrueLove.

1 John 4:19
We love because He first loved us.

So everyone was welcome and we celebrated our One True Love with those others we love.

In talking about love, I want to remind you that LOVE, must be demonstrated.

Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

I like how the Amplified Bible puts it:
But God shows and CLEARLY PROVES...

We can say LOVE LOVE LOVE all the time, but until we demonstate it, show and clearly prove it... it can be doubted.

That all being said.
I want to tell you all about some CRAZY LOVE my friend Renea is demonstrating!
Her sister bet her $100 that she wouldn't eat 5 live crickets.
What do you think?
Hmmm.... not for a $100 for myself. 
No WAY!!!
For $100 to give to impoverished children in Bugaboo Africa?
Now we're talking!
You can read all about it below, but here's the jist of the idea...
Renea is leaving no doubt of her love for those in Africa.
She is showing... and clearly PROVING that they are dear to her!
By chipping in, you can not only make Renea eat MORE crickets...
but also demonstrate your LOVE for the least of these!

BTW...I'm glad I don't have a sister!


Here's CHIP IN information!

It's On! My sister has decided she will pay me $100 to eat 6 crickets. We watched Fear Factor reruns one afternoon and somehow ended up in a challenge that she would pay me to eat live, squishy crickets. I told her I would! Thinking she wouldn't pay me.......
Then she said, I have $100. Do you have your crickets? Uh oh. What had I gotten myself into? Then I realized, with that $100 I could sponsor another child from Bugabo Village, Uganda where my friend Christie Cotney is living and serving the Lord by serving the people of Bugabo.'s on!! I have FINALLY found live crickets. Hard to do in a rural area in the middle of winter. My friend Robert has a small pet business that he runs online and from his home and has graciously offered me crickets (how nice Robert).
So I got to thinking. If it was this easy to get my sister to pay me to eat crickets, I wonder if others would pay me to be that crazy. After all, it was a popular show! ;) So, I'm taking pledges. Once I reach $100 in addition to my sister's donation I will double my cricket count and chuck down 12 of those little suckers. :P Gross...
But, that 5 minutes of misery for me equals two children being sponsored for ONE year. Being able to attend school, have medical and dental check ups, and a guaranteed meal at least once a day when they are attending school. That's worth 12 crickets to me.
Join with me! I'm taking pledges until February 21st! And then it's chow time! Video footage will follow. My sister said she wanted to see and hear the crunch (since she lives in another state it was the only way to guarantee I was keeping my end of the deal).
So.....who's with me? Support Bugabo and watch this crazy redneck girl from nowhere, USA eat crickets (and most likely gag), all to serve HIS people. God is good! All the time. ;)

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Annie said...

I love the idea of your Valentine party honoring the purest of loves!

In regards to the crickets, WOW. She is amazing - not sure if I could do that, but I'm going to pop over and follow along with her "Bugs" for Bugabo!