Friday, February 4, 2011

1st Responder

Jory = First Responder

About 2AM this morning I heard Jia crying and getting 'sick'.
I jumped out of bed and dashed to her bedroom.
Jory was already on the scene!
Jia was throwing up and while I had my 'hands full' Jory went after a bowl.
Then he took over holding the bowl for Jia while I washed my hands and got a washcloth.
When I got back to her room Jory was holding her hair back and getting a barrette to hold her bangs back.
Then he decided that was enough and asked if he could go back to bed!
It's nice to know that as much as Jory torments Jia during the day, he truly does love her and watches out for her!
BTW, Jack and Jacen slept through the whole thing!
Thanks Jory for being a helper in the middle of the night!
I love you!


The Tucker Troops said...

Hi Joy--What a sweet boy! Just warms a Mama's heart to see such a scene. I hope Jia is feeling better and you have caught up on your sleep! I'll write soon!

God Bless--

Annie said...

What a boy! Jory sounds like my Matthew, always the one ready to help out! I love that sweet spirit in them.

Briana said...

Jory is such a good big brother!!

Sharon said...

Catching up and just loved this what an angel of a boy you have there...special thing sin his future I am sure