Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at Mom and Dad's

We always celebrate Christmas with my family
the weekend before Christmas.

Jia got the most adorable baby doll from Uncle Rob!
I have never seen a doll quite like this;
it's face scrunches up and her eye's open and close just like a real baby.
Jia loved it!

Everyone else was..... intrigued....(freaked out) by it!

No one could leave it alone!

Jacen couldn't resist checking it out...
even at the risk of being caught on camera with it!

Jia just kept coming back to check on it and make it quit crying!

Jory kept trying to pry it's eyes open!

Gifts of new shoes were given...

Jia loved her high heels!

Jia got a Disney Princess 'Look & Find' book...

Jacen and Derek played with it all night!

Jacen is into Fox Racing this year...

and funky mis-matched socks!

Jory was thrilled with a little lock box for his money!
He is a little hoarder and everyone knows where to go when we need cash!
Those days are gone....

Uncle Rob brought RC Helicopters!
They were a BIG hit!

When we went on vacation this year, the boys taught Jia the 'slug bug' game...
So this Barbie Slug Bug brought a big smile to her face!

After seeing Tangled on Thanksgiving night,
Jia wanted all things Rapunzel!

Jadeth and Derek...
MU & KU fans!

North face for those cold days in Lawrence

A quick pic on Momma and Jia!

This year the adults decided to for-go the gifts and adopt a family through our local DFS.
I wish I had taken a picture of the goodies we sent to our family.
We had a single mom with a 1 year old daughter.
They requested diapers, wipes and educational toys.
Clothes as well, and used ones were okay as long as the baby girl was warm.
Well they, got what they wanted and then some.
Educational toys??  Every little girl deserves dolly's and tea sets that talk!
It was sooooo much fun shopping for this family and we spoiled them ridiculously!
I don't have clue who they are, but I am sure they were as glad to receive as we were to give!

I see a new tradition here and I love it!

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