Wednesday, November 3, 2010


November is National Adoption Month

With 147 Million Orphans in the world,
what is your response?

Will you Pray?? 
That is certainly doable.
When you lay your head down on your comfy pillow,
snuggle in your nice soft bed under those plush warm blankets...
after reading your children a bed time story
and lovingly tucking them in at night...
Will you pray??
For those that have spent the day the exact same way
they've spent every day before.
For those that have barely enough to eat and go to bed hungry.
For those that lay on the dirt under the bed of their parents because that's the safest place to be?
For those laying on a piece of plywood because that's easiest to clean?
For the ones who have cried or rocked themselves to sleep?

Can you give?
Can you take some of the money you spend at Starbucks...
or McDonalds? 
Can you give up buying that new shirt?
Do we really need a minimum of 12 pairs of shoes?
Not sure where to give?
Contact me.
There are tons of ways to support orphans.
I can give you a dozen charities to give to...
that work in any country you want to support.


Who! Hoo!

Will you say YES??!! 

Will you choose to follow God's example and adopt a child of your own?

Will you choose a changing the life of a child over...

a bigger house?  that new car??  your dream vacation???

Will you chose radical over the American Dream?

I can assure you, you won't ever be sorry!

Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry is selling T-shirts for
National Adoption Month.

Decide what you will do and order your T today!

Shirts are $20

All profits go to support orphans.

Contact me and put NAM shirt in the subject line.

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