Friday, November 5, 2010

Notice Something New???

Okay, look to the right of my blog.... now look to the left.

See 'em??

2 ways to support orphans this November... or anytime!

On the right is the order form to order your JHAM shirts... designed by Renea, inspired by Joy!
On the left is the link to Adoption Bug.  You can order a shirt from there and we get a portion of the sales from there as well!

All profits will go toward Orphan relief in some form or another.  We will donate to a larger cause, or we would LOVE to donate to a family who is ready to step out and adopt a child of their own!

What are you waiting for?  November is National Adoption Month and a great time to show support for the fatherless.  However, orphans are orphans all year round.  Anytime is a GREAT time to show your support! 

And don't EVEN make me remind you of how many days there are until Christmas.  Oh no.  We're not going there at all.  But any of these shirts would make a great gift!

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