Monday, October 11, 2010

Jory turns 8!!

My sweet baby boy turned 8 on Saturday!
We celebrated with family at the park and it was a BEAUTIFUL day!
He got a lot of Remote Control toys, 4 wheelers, airplanes, hover crafts... so the park turned out to be a great idea!  The 'big boys' enjoyed the toys as much as the kids!

Mom and Dad got Jory a new electric scooter. 
He had bought one with his summer school money, but the electric module went out way too soon.
We tried all summer to order just the piece, but it was always out of stock.
In the end, we just replaced it.
He was thrilled.

This little plane really flew!
In fact, it took off and went across the road and into one of those tree's behind Jory.
Needless to say, it needs some repairs!
Just a soldering iron... quick fix!

Jia and her nephew Jaydon. 
He is 6 months younger than her.

The cake! 
I love this picture, the way all the kids are looking at Jory.
And he seems to be saying "all mine"!!

Uncle Rob's present was so pretty we had to take a picture BEFORE he opened it!

Happy 8th Birthday sweet boy!
We love you so much!

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Annie said...

Happy Birthday to Jory!! What a handsome young man!! Looks like he had a great day and that cake looks pretty cool!