Monday, March 22, 2010

What a difference

9 months makes!!!

Our first glimpse of Jia - exactly 9 months ago today!

Jia - 4 days after arriving 'home'!

Just a few nights ago the weather was beautiful and we took Jia for a bike ride!

She waved at everyone on the walking trail

I love this picture!  The bike is leaning one way, and Jia... the other way!

See ya later!


Renea Lynch said...

Yeah for 9 months!!! Woo Hoo! :) You know I think she is a peach!

Annie said...

Hi! I saw your posting on an toddler adoption discussion, and I thought it would be nice to follow your blog! We are in the waiting process to be matched with a toddler from Taiwan. It is helpful for me to see families who adopt a child who isn't an infant!