Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last Post From ShaMian Island

Park at night

Molly Joy Jia Jack

Lucy's Place


Joy Jia Jenny

"Our" Jack Joy Jia and "Jack"

Coke Place

This will be our last post from China! We leave early tomorrow AM to take the train back to Hong Kong, spend the night there and then fly out of HK at 8AM on Friday. We change planes in Tokyo, then on to Minneapolis. Once we hit MN, we will go through immigration with Jia and as soon as they stamp her passport, she will officially be a US citizen! Then we hit KCI about 5ish Friday night.
So pray we have safe travels and that Jia does well with the flight! The great thing is that 3 other families have the same flight all the way to MN, so we'll be together that far!
There aren't many pictures to share today, sorry! Jeff and Jennifer's daughter is from a 'Half the Sky' orphanage and HTS kept a journal on Megan. So we loaned them our camera with the video on it and they video's Molly translating the journal. Then the second 1/2 of our day was at the Consulate and no camera's were allowed. The consulate appoinment was really no big deal, but emotional all the same. After the CA, the remaining 6 families headed to Lucy's together for one last meal. It was a really nice evening. I think there's a picture of Jia scarfing down her egg and noodle soup. At one time, she had the bowl tipped up to her mouth getting every last bit, but we weren't quick enough to catch her with the camera.
You'll also see a picture of a few of our friends! There's Jia and I with Jenny of Jenny's Place. She and her husband have a new baby and they're the ones that invited us to church. Then there's "Jack"! He works at Jessica's Place and we both immediately liked Jack! Our friend Aimee who was here just a few short weeks ago told us to go see Jack and he was expecting us! Everytime we seen him he said "Hello Jack Joy My Friends". We actually did most of our shopping at these 2 places because we enjoyed them so much! Anyone fixin' to make this trip... please drop in on Jack and Jenny and tell them Jack and Joy sent you and say Hi!
Also there's a picture of us with Molly, our guide, on the red couch. I can't tell you how awesome Molly is and we totally love her! She is the best!
Oh, and I think you may see the local Coke shop too! Interesting!
Well, I must sign off and find a place in the suitcase for the last little bit of stuff! I did some major shopping here! But we're still returning with just one big suitcase and a duffel that we'll check, one carryon and 2 backpacks! Pretty good!
We love ShaMian Island and will cherish our time here. If we ever bring Jia back, it will certainly have to be in the winter months though. A few more days here and I was going to have to break down and buy some new shorts, I was beginning to have a hard time keeping mine up. You don't eat much, then we walk off whatever we eat, then the rest we've sweated off. It's terrible!
Talk to you all next time from the USA!!!


lildebbie44 said...

Homeward Bound With Jia!!!!!!
I know that's music to your ears!

Joy and Jack,
It won't be long now until you'll be sharing lil Jia with her new family members and friends. Since keeping up with Jia's journey, I've grown to know that "Our God" personally hand picks who he wants these lil survivors to spend the rest of their lives with. Not just anyone will do. You and Jack have an awesome family. I'm glad Jia is a part of it. I've always thought your mom and Aunt Pam were wonderful gals and you didn't fall far from the tree.
Enjoy Jia to the fullest as I know you will. Maybe we can meet her someday after the homecoming chaos fizzles down :)
Until then, Lots of Love and Best Wishes.

Debbie Harrington and family

Renea Lynch said...

I'm waiting for my latest Jia fix! :) How goes it on the homefront? I wanna' hear all about meeting the boys! I know Jadeth was so excited for your return! Your in our prayers during your time of transition. God Bless you all.

The Tucker Troops said...

I'm catching up after a trip to St. Louis for the Holiday...I couldn't wait to see how Jia was doing--all of you! I hope and pray Jia is settling in well.

God Bless--