Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daredevil Update!

Yesterday was a busy day for Miss Jia! We started out playing dress up with our jewelry! Jory chose this set for Jia a few months before we got her... even then, he knew what she would like! She insists on wearing all the pieces at once!

Later on, we thought we'd try our hand at the pool for the first time! She loves playing in the water buckets and the bath tub, so I thought she'd enjoy splashing around in the baby pool.
I wasn't prepared for her to want to play in the deep end and be so fearless! She loved it! We watched Jacen go down the really fast and steep 'blue' slide and she started pulling me by the hand and went to the stairs trying to go up to it! This big slides makes me squeal and she totally wanted to do it!
There's also a play area that has a huge bucket that fills up with water and dumps on your head. We stood back and watched it from afar because it's pretty forceful. When she seen it dump, she grabbed my hand and started tugging me to stand in that spot! I'm telling you... I'm going to have my hands full!
Here's some fun pictures from the pool! I'm so glad I threw my camera in, but honestly, if my friend Marcia wasn't there, we wouldn't have any photo's. I could not leave her side long enough to get any myself... she's be running off the diving board! So thanks again, Marcia - for taking some shots for us!

Enjoying some snacks on break!

Jack loves this one....

Some of the 'splash' after the bucket dumped.

After the swimming pool, we hung out on the front porch for a bit. Jia LOVES to sweep and clean. So she cleaned the front porch! She also loves to make crazy faces and I was able to capture a couple. This is nothing like seeing them in person, but close!
When you take Jia's picture, she instantly wants to see it... she was coming at me to see the screen and I hadn't even taken the picture yet!
Here's the 'pout' that Jack taught her. He'll be sorry one of these days when she uses this against him!

This look usually goes along with an "Ooooohhh!!!!"

Here's Jia sweeping off the front porch!

After all that swimming and cleaning, she crashed!


The Thompson Family said...

Great pictures! Duane said he enjoyed meeting her and seeing her in 3D on Tuesday. What a life you have given her, what a blessing for the both of you! Beth

Anonymous said...

I just can't help smiling, even at work :) nice shot! - Sarah W.

Shirlee McCoy said...

She is precious! What a blessing to your family!

The Tucker Troops said...

My goodness she is beautiful and you seem to be settling in so well. I just loved checking out all of your photos. How does it feel to have a sweet little girl in your home? I'm sure just wonderful.

God Bless--