Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jadeth's Sr. Pictures

Wow, my son is a Senior! How overwhelming is that? We're talking college soon. Can I afford college and an adoption? God will provide.
Anyway, we had Sr. pictures taken yesteray at Look At Me Pics. Renea does such a fabulous job! She tormented us with a few preveiws and we'll have to wait a couple of weeks for the rest. Enjoy...

I love this picture of Jadeth. He looks so much like a professional in this picture! This is Jadeth's favorite so far... Don't get me wrong, it's a great shot, but looks a little ordinary! Love the others more!
This is actually a great photo, but this dog is the most disgusting thing I've ever been around. Did I tell you that I'm just not an animal lover? Sorry, but it's the truth. This dog snorted, snotted, grunted, drooled, licked my ankles and 'clung' to Jadeth's leg the entire time. Grrrrr....
This shot was actually take a couple of weeks before Sr. Picture day. Jadeth seen something similar and wanted to imitate it. So he took the picture to Renea and right then and there they played around with it. This is their version and I totally love it!
Watch for more as she gets them uploaded! I know I'll be totally broke by the time I see the rest. How will I ever decide?
Eternally His... JMS

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