Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Been A While...

Wow! Been a while since I've posted. We've kept busy, so I'll try to catch you up to speed!

Jacen and Jory colored Easter eggs at Grandma's house! We do this every year at her house because she has a bigger kitchen counter! They really enjoy this!

Jadeth got some new sunglasses for Easter. He's looking all cool and like he just stepped out of a magazine! I love this picture of him!
It was soooooo cold Easter day! Jacen, as usual, didn't wear a coat so he had to wear Grandpa's! Here's a shot of him by Grandma's bottle tree!
Here's Jory freezin' and huntin' Easter Eggs! Did I mention how cold it was Easter Sunday?!

Nothing new on the adoption front! I'll be glad for summer, Jacen and Jory will both play ball this summer, so we'll keep busy! Jack has got a new body on the race car and is anxious for racing to start. We will have plenty to do to pass the time so we don't sit around and obsess about China.

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