Saturday, February 4, 2012

5th Anniversary....

2/5/07 was the date we were 'logged in' with the CCAA (China Center of Adoption Affairs) and we 'officially' joined the loooooonnnnnnggggggg line to adopt from China!
Five years ago!
This button below shows that currently families that were logged in 8/15/06 and before are matched with their children.
We would still be waiting.

Here are some images from the CCAA Matching Room and if you'd like to read more about how the process works visit this blog here.
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I am so very greatful that God had Jia pre-destined for our family.  There's no way I could survive waiting that long!  In fact... I blogged about how miserable I was getting during the wait here.....
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When I went to the China Adopt Talk (aka Rumor Queen) website to get this information... I got to looking through some of my old posts.  Just 4 days before my 'I'm so miserable' post I had this conversation with an unknown lady on a forum that thousands of people post on from many many different countries.
She was reviewing the file of a little girl.  A little girl that we inquired about but were told that she was already being considered by a family.  We would be next in line to see her file if they decided not to proceed with adopting her.

So off to Hannibal I went.  And what a great time I had!  You can see all that in the archives on my blog.... but let me fast forward for you....

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And as they say... "The rest is history"!!!

You can read all about our Journey to Jia by visiting the archives on the right... towards the bottom.... It starts in July 2008.

God is GOOD.

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The Tucker Troops said...

What a post...Ron is standing over my shoulder and was in awe of the matching room (me too) and the stacks of files. Wow! I'm so happy for you and for us! Feeling so blessed to have our matches made in heaven. Thank you for sharing!