Sunday, August 7, 2011

Together Again!

I received an email a couple of weeks ago from Jen letting me know they were going to be at Lake of the Ozarks, and wondering if that was anywhere close to us.

We were all with the same agency and just met each other in China the morning of getting our girls!
June 22, 2009

Something like that just sorta bonds you, ya know?

This is June 23rd, when we went back to finalize everything.

(Horrible picture of me,  but sharing it anyway)

We spent a lot of time with Jeff, Jen, Matthew and Megan after that.
Both girls are from MaoMing in Guangdong. 
But different orphanages.

Jeff and Jen's Red Couch photo

Our Red Couch photo

Jia and Megan!

And this was taken last night! 
Just a few day's past 2 years....
Together again!

Megan is 3.5 and Jia is 5.5
Megan is going into preschool.
Jia is going into Kindergarten.

Both girls are sassy, bossy, dramatic, tattle tales, love Strawberry Shortcake....
The list goes on and on!

By the end of our dinner, they were holding hands saying they were best friends!
Megan even told her mom she was coming to our house!

It was so great to get together with this family again!
We loved to see the girls together and got such a kick out of them!
Matthew and Jory got a long great to! 
I hope that all these friendships continue to grow and bless both families!
I can't wait to see them again!


Renea Lynch said...

looks like a fabulous time!!! So glad you all had the chance to spend some time together again. LOVE the girls' red couch photo. lol Both of them crying their eyes out. God had (has!) such great plans for them. Glad it involves spending time with one another. :)

Merrill said...

I love how an added bonus of an adoption journey is new lifelong friends! I'm sure it was wonderful to be together again.